Top 12 Important things Money can not buy

Jimmy Choo’s wages means bliss, Louis Vuitton belt means love and a Chopard wristwatch just makes time better. But then, do they really? Retail therapy is happiness and for that you need a lot of money, but why need therapy at all? It is only when the deep happiness misses and loneliness takes its hold then crying in a BMW becomes more comfortable than on a bike-there is a need to cry anyway. Okay, I’m not asking you to skip these lucrative job offers, they’re important sure as hell, but not for life, just survival. When you have money, is it worth losing on everything else for it? All that money can buy. (I’m still saving for my Hermes Wallet… well, one last time? Please?)

12. When people Care

Well, argue with me that you want to hire a caretaker who would assist you every second and you my dear will be caught in your own argument. Will the keeper give up their own life needs for yours? Would they care beyond the dollars they were paid. They had healed your physical health perhaps, but would they reap the care and pamper like your mom without a penny. In fact, if you turn down the penny would there still be caregivers? Save on people who prefer to stay with you than money. You’ll need it more often. Don’t want to take the advice? Great. Pass it on-you don’t deserve it anyway.

11. Did not happen to everyone: loyalty

So now get some time and look through the log caches and find out how the richest had to deal with infidelity. Money can buy the closest thing to loyalty, a pet, and surely animals are more loyal than humans. The employees you have chosen for salary: Rings the bell? If the life partner you have chosen for money, well you know what. Tell me now, if you have any arguments to make.

10. A 25-hour day: Time

Well, aren’t you a genius? You guessed it, it was time. See, you know that too. This Rolex watch will not change the way time works for you. You will have to settle in the cramped space of 24 hours a day. It is neither a time machine that will take you back to the past and undoing the bad experiences, nor the future of getting ready for the trauma. If we have money, we should not spend rather then take the time to be better, maybe you buy a smile that way and make the best of your money.

9. Not on drugs: Health

You might be rich and wise, but in the process you are depositing the health of your system. You should pay billions of millions to get the best medical treatments around, but the truth in front: It is only help in doing the business by reducing the years of your life later. Ask an honest doctor and he had let you know how many patients die each year because of the side effects of medications. Well, maybe you want a different destiny for yourself.

8. The source of learning: Experience

Have you ever stumbled across the line that some lessons are better learned by experience? Well, then the best knowledge you get is also through experience. With the recent creation of things, you might think that money could buy you good jobs, but will that buy you the experience you need to thrive in there? I doubt it. It is only hard work that can buy you experience and knowledge, can money buy hard work too? If so, let me know, who does not like to slumber until late in the morning.

7. Small or large, dreams and dreams after all: Dreams

Of course, you might have dreamt of having a city in your name, but can you buy a dream for yourself. Like trade in it maybe? One dollar for every dream-and you would have a lot of them, no more disdaining on forgotten dreams anymore. So neither money will buy you dreams nor make them true. And so you would have to live without ever feeling the satisfaction of fulfilling your dreams. which is sad.

6. Memories you didn’t keep

You might have spent a fortune on your Nikon DSLR but is it buying souvenirs? You can buy the photographs too maybe, but will you ever be able to buy the moments you missed or souvenirs you didn’t keep? Do you want to learn how to live again the school convocation or your child’s birthday? If you have missed it, no amount of money in the world can bring it back for you. So cherish memories, just click on them.

5. Family and friends

You could attract greedy friends as you are a magnet but how many real friends can you actually vouch for if you lose all your money. Would money give you a warm and happy family? You’re mistaken if you believe it can, if so many wealthy people wouldn’t have had broken homes. Surely money could help in supporting a family, but the foundation of a happy family is loving, it’s bold and clear, the poor seem to have closer ties than the rich dirty knit who don’t even know how old their child is.

4. Peace and internal content

You will need money to pay for yoga classes and meditation to ensure inner peace and contentment, but why such an emotional upheaval for the needs of those? Oh No, I’m not against a healthy lifestyle or just meditation. I’m not in favor of the fact that people rather take classes for a peaceful inner self? Let me burst your bubble, money will not buy you them. A sense of security and a heart full of love Will.

3. The real pot full of gold: Happiness

Happiness could have been reduced to a series of ‘ happiness is ‘ messages on Facebook, but most of what they say ‘ happiness is ‘ is not happiness. Happiness is not monetary or momentary, happiness is a state and not an expression. You smile doesn’t mean you’re happy or all these quotes will have to be sprinkled with water. Happiness is satisfaction, content and is a state of joy that money cannot buy. Unfortunately, not even the Versace wedding dress you’ve just convinced your for.

2. World peace and freedom of oppression

What is the whole world’s money actually worth when it cannot buy world peace? Money cannot escape wars? Money can bring back those who died in the Gaza strip? Can money free the people of the world from oppression? Had money a role to play in the liberation of slaves of their masters? If the answer of even one of these questions is yes, I would rather ignore all that money can not buy if only money bought peace and international happiness.

1. Trouble in giving your arms to?: Love

Now, do not be mistaken with lovers and love, you could get people who claim they love you and not the money, but if the money goes, they go too. If someone comes up with more money, they’d still go. Did money buy love? (Well, let’s just ignore these Prada handbags for a moment – they are unequaled love) money just bought people who deceived you and those who would never know the meaning of love. If you know the difference between making love and love you know the difference. Avoid romance and go on a quest for love in all its forms. Money would never buy that for you. So maybe now we should end up greed for millions of dollars and get the priceless things money can buy at all.

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