SoundBars vs Home Theater Systems: Which one is better?

Having a sound system in the house has become the want of every single millennium, as they love listening to sounds pretty loudly. And the best home entertainment experience can come with either a sound bar or a home theatre system. Both of these are pretty good, and the kind of system that you want to buy depends on your budget, the size that you are looking at as well as the volume you’d like to listen to songs.

Obviously, the visual statement that the home theater system makes is way better than the sound bar, and every one might agree to that. It has a great surround sound so that anything that you watch, you can enjoy it to your fullest. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to feel every sonic moment and not that there is so much of HD Video streaming, and Blu-ray movies that a great surround sound to go with this is absolutely necessary.

A brief about the Home theater system

Talking about sound bars, the limitations of it become obvious in comparison to a home theater system. Even the best ones cannot really be compared. Just pointing to a few things that make the home theater system stand out – firstly, the dialogue sounds are much clearer and better. Then the bass is also deeper as well as more articulate. For an action and thriller movie, a home theater system would be amazing, as the visual effects combined with the great surround sound would give you a great experience. However, if you do not watch such movies and are not a fan of such loud and stereophonic sound, then the sound bar would be best for you.

Why have sound bars become popular?

Home theater systems take up a great amount of space, and in contrast sound bars comes in sleek designs which are ideal for small spaces, and visually they are minimally seen. And this surely does sound better than your television speakers. Up to 70% of audio content runs through the center channel at any given time and having a dedicated sound bar to anchor the front stage between the front left and right main speakers makes a significant sonic difference

Comparison between the two

  1. Home theater systems have the ability to deliver a convincing full-range, head-spinning audio experience. In this, the sound comes not only from the front but it pinpoints imaging and sound from all directions in comparison to a sound bar which is said to do it all.
  2. The home theater system has more cabinet volume as well as a better woofer system. It has multiple speakers which work in unison, and thus the output is great. On the other hand, the sound bar does not exhibit such qualities. Home theater has the ability to maintain pinpoint accuracy across the frequency spectrum and has the capacity to create accurate sound.
  3. Sound bars are pretty slim in size, and as you know if you want to hear an amazing powered subwoofer, a slim thing like this won’t do the job well and thus sound bars need to be powered with a sub-woofer system. But obviously the sub-woofer that you might be getting packed with is sound bar is not a real one, and can’t really be compared to those of a home theatre system.


Thus, concluding about the sound bar, it can easily be found in different sizes, according to the size of your television. These are a single bar speakers that run the width of your television and creates a much larger sound stage. And in case you want to hear the sound from all around, then it has surround sound bars too. You get a feel of wrap around sound, without having to place the speakers anywhere other than above your TV.

And concluding about the home theater system, everything remains the same, just that you can easily push them to much higher volumes to get impressive high quality sound. If you are looking for cinema quality sound, then it would be right to purchase a home theater system. It may be slightly more costly than a sound bar, and might take up a bit more space, but then it is totally worth it.

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