Muscleblaze Whey Gold Protein Review 2018

A lot of people are really excited to go to the gym, eat supplements and build a good body, but the most important thing to understand is to analyze the right supplement for your body type. Protein shake is one of the first thing required by a person while working out in a gym. You might either want to gain some muscle mass, or probably shed some fat, and for both you do require proteins. This has now gained maximum popularity in the field of fitness, because of its effects for muscle building which are inevitable on improving muscle mass, recovery and growth.

Muscleblaze Whey Gold Protein Review – Comparison, Pros and Cons

In Comparison to others

Now talking about the brands of proteins, Muscle Blaze is the hottest selling protein supplement in the Indian market as of now. Some of the reasons for this is that they have excellent advertisement, and HealthKart as a brand is promoting it. But other than that also, it’s an excellent product, having some good features and some drawbacks as well.

Basic Facts

Some facts that you need to know is that for purchasing of this product, you will always find muscle blaze cheaper on amazon and flipkart as compared to healthkart. So in case you ever decide to by Muscle Blaze, then go ahead to amazon or flipkart.


Muscleblaze whey gold is manufactured using whey from the US, and per 30g of serving, it delivers 25g of protein. A trivia that you need to know is that whey gold ensures the highest quality of protein is available to the customer for consumption. And trust us, it is one of the most authentic product in the market today.


For consumption all you need to do is mix one scoop in about 200ml of water, and you will definitely see good results. One of the best things about this protein is that it really helps to speed up muscle recovery, and helps delay the onset of fatigue in your body, thus making people who are enthusiastic about gymming last for a longer duration.


Now some of the people mind how these proteins taste, but most of our customers have said that they found the taste of this to be pretty good. A person can consume this whey protein in water when the goal is to shred fat and while gaining weight, it can be taken in milk. A thing about this is that when taken with water it doesn’t really taste that well, so you could probably avoid that.  But only with 150 ml water, it tastes good.  And if it exceeds it, it tastes horrible.. It will soon get absorbed by the body, and the person consuming it is more likely to get a hunger craving within next 30 minutes.

Certificate of proof

The quality is amazing as well as its pure whey isolate. And one more thing that they do, which other brands don’t is that they are actually providing you with a lab certificate of Whey gold along with your purchase to kill your doubts about the quality which can be accessed on its page. Isn’t that just amazing, and so authentic?


We understand that you might not have heard of muscleblaze, since the international brands have been ruling the Indian supplement sector till now and muscleblaze is truly killing all their customers by providing similar quality products at better price.

It does lack slightly behind in the price department, as it is actually expensive as compared to other popular supplements. The main reason why other supplements in expensive is that they are manufactured outside India and thus importing these products attracts custom duty, which in turn makes it very expensive. But muscle blaze is manufactured in India, hence no custom duty.

Points of Attraction

Now talking about the major points of attraction for the product, is its 11.3 grams of Essential amino acids, which is highly required when recovery is the top priority. Also, it has BCAAs, which are amino acids, and are important to maintain a good muscle mass.

Pros and Cons

Now, since we have talked in details about the product and what people have said about this, let us list down the pros and cons of it for a better understanding -\


  1. This is strictly vegetarian
  2. The supplement is pretty well filtered
  3. You can use this even while gaining, or while leaning
  4. The nutrition that it carries is pretty good
  5. It’s pretty affordable
  6. Duplicity of this product is usually never found


  1. It’s a relatively new product
  2. Nothing has been mentioned on the website about the raw materials used in this
  3. It doesn’t really taste good with water, except with certain quantities
  4. It contains artificial sweeteners which are not really good for the body.
  5. It is pretty overhyped


Thus, after seeing everything, talking to a lot of people who have used it throughout the world, we have concluded that this is a good supplement to use, but not the best. However, some of the people would still prefer to buy this product probably because of an emotional need to support the Indian market. But other than that, before you buy this product, do go through the pros and cons of it to measure it accordingly.

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