7 Best VR Headsets in India 2018

In the world of the technology, virtual glass is the next big thing because this technology allows users to experience fully immersed into a 3D world. The reason behind this technology is automatically adjust up, down, right and left aspects of the display so that without looking around you feel that you are actually in that location.  The VR headsets hope to be the first to make its mark to the blend of compactness, affordable features and easy to carry. It is a small foam box you can easily put in your bag. There are different types of glasses you can get in the market. So, without further ado, we have listed 7 best VR headsets whose designs are unique and truly tested. Here you go with the list and the features these headsets come with:

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Best VR Headsets in India to Consider

1. Procus pro VR Headset

 For experiencing virtual reality that is closed to the reality and immersion like no other, so buy procus pro VR with high quality headphones. Its lenses are made up of PMMA which provide a large field of vision. The best thing about Procus upgraded version is its touch button controller that controls the function automatically without having to remove the headset.

Here some specifications of Procus pro headset that gives you a clear idea of this device.

  • Display: High resolution display with PMMA Japanese lenses provides an excellent experience. And allowing users to adjust lenses according to their comfort level.
  • In built touch button: With the help of touch button users can control the headset externally and also control the volume of headphones easily.
  • No compromise in quality: Procus is inspired by the Google ocupuls and Google cardboard. So it’s always make high quality products which is durable and easy to handle.
  • Tech support: Procus not only provides best quality products, but also offer you best technical support which is 24×7 available to its customers.

2.  Aura VR pro with remote controller

Aura VR has been built by one of the famous VR set company in India. It is famous for its unique design and durability. This VR is set often first choice of customer because it’s come with remote controller that make it different from other VR sets. Here some specification of Aura VR, so keep reading.

  • Large quality lenses: Aura has provided 42 mm lenses and 110-100 fOV which give you sharp fine images in low lights and users can adjust lenses according to their distance.
  • Design: It is made up of finest quality plastic so its allowing users to wear it for a long time comfortably and it’s contains heat dissipation with removable front tray.
  • Tech Support: Aura company gives best tech support services to its customers because it knows the trust value of the customers.

3. Irusu VR set with magnetic clicker

Irusu is the first company that has been manufactured 42 MM diameter optical lenses and 5.2 fold magnification which protect your eye from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Here some specification of Irusu.

  • Lenses quality: Polarized 42 MM lenses provide anti fogging technology that experience you best immense virtualization. With QR code you can turn your mobile into a VR zone.
  • Design: Truly excellent design that wins the heart. The Curve ergonomic design with super face foam protector, ideal heat dissipating design increase the performance of this VR.
  • Compatibility: In built touch button allows user to increase and decrease the volume externally without to removing it.
  • Tech support: They believe in complete satisfaction of our valuable customers that is why our experts give best solution for all kinds of requirement related to an Irusu devices.

4. My VR Headset infinity with wireless sound Headset

My VR Headset infinity VR set allows users to attend, call when they are enjoying VR set. These VR set come with call answering button which easily connect calls without removing headset and securely handle any phone handset.  It has been designed by the technical experts keeping in mind that sometimes over use of headset produce heat so they add ideal heat dissipating that provide more convenience to the users.

Specification of My VR headset infinity

  • Display: Company offers you 42mm fully adjustable spherical lenses that give you best 3D experience and wonder feeling and perfectly suitable for your face when you wear it so that you cannot feel any type of suffocation.
  • Compatibility: High lenses provide excellent clear, sharp images and HD graphics. Ideal heat dissipating reflux the heat so that you can wear it for a long time. It supports all Android phones and doesn’t need to attach with external hardware.
  • Tech support: Despite excellent features, My VR Headset Company offers best technical support which is 24×7 available for its customers.

5. Ocular swift adjustable VR Glasses

This VR glasses offer a wonderful experience of watching movies and playing games because its fully adjustable lenses with finest quality gives you excellent picture images and convenient for all android mobiles. Both the side holes of Ocular swift glasses allow headphones, charger and data cable. You can watch movies and play games in any posture you are comfortable whether sitting, lying and standing.

Here are the specifications of Ocular swift adjustable VR Glasses:

  • Design: Lenses are made up of 8 layer neno coating which prevents your eye from harmful effects. Its unique design and excellent features allows customers to access the camera of their phones and easy connectivity with headphones.
  • Compatibility: This VR headset has compatibility with all android phones and perfectly covers your face without any suffocation and irritation and enthralls customers to a wonderful 3D experience.
  • Tech support: If you encounter the issue when you using your ocular VR headset, and need assistance, then you can call at ocular support number, which is available 24×7 days for your assistance

6. Portonics POR- 714 saga VR Box

The POR comes with unique design and elegant features that support most of the smart phones, operating system (ios, android and Unix) and take you to the different visual world. Ultra- superior quality provides high quality images and it’s also protects your eyes from harmful radiation. If you really want to experience the best graphics HD quality than buy this model because it’s give you 360 videos along with 3D movies.

  • Specifications: High optical lenses: Lenses are the primary feature of the VR sets, portonics offer high definition 8-layer nano coating lenses which give you super 3D visualization sensations and excellent gaming experience. Layer coating over lenses, reducing glares and protect eyes from harmful radiations.
  • Smart compatibility: Saga PRO over ultra-superior quality lenses with excellent stereo headphones inbuilt which take you away from the real world to the virtual world. This VR set is convenient with all smart phones and operating system. The 360 fully adjustable screen rotator allows users to use it in anywhere, whether sitting, laying and standing. Loaded with excellent features and everything run perfectly. The headphones, sound is very fantastic you feel like you are in a cinema hall and perfect for 4.5 to 6-inch phones.
  • Tech support: Along with the terrific features, saga gives you best technical support services. If you have any technical issues related to the product you can call at the protonics support number and clear your queries effectively.

7. Aura VR light weight virtual Glasses

Aura is one of the highly leading companies which manufacture VR headset. Many customers have complaint of VR headset weight so Aura is offering light weighted soft form cushioning VR headsets that allowing user to wear it perfectly for a long time. The core features of VR headsets are 3D reality and broad vision view with smooth sound and compatible with all smart phones. Users can find all these features in this VR headset. The elegant design and free Bluetooth give value to the buyers because customers cannot compromise in features, so keep this view on mind Company over terrific VR light weight VR sets that easily take you to the virtual world.

  • Lens quality: The Aura VR headset offers 42 mm diameter lenses coated with nano layer. Offers clear and sharp images and distortion free. The lens is the core part of the VR headset so that Aura is providing best lens quality with FOV of 110-100 degree fully adjustable that gives you enthralling experience.
  • Compatibility: The Aura VR headsets mostly have unique design, inbuilt touch that helps customers to adjust volume and control the device. The headset has two side slots so that you can connect headphones, data cable and charger easily. Aura light weight VR set also comes with wireless headphones, so you can attend your call without removing it. This VR sets is applicable for all mobile device which have screen from 4.2 to 6 inch and support all operating system.
  • Tech support: Aura has the talented and dedicated technicians will help in solving your mishaps with the easy instruction to easily fix it. Hence, assures you will gain the best comprehensive guide to resolving your VR headsets technical difficulties.

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