Best Refrigerator Brands in India

Among all the kitchen essentials, refrigerator holds one of the most significant places. In today’s market, a plethora of options are available for any electronic product. Thus even refrigerators also have a lot of color options, shape and size options and even style options. There was a time when a mere one door refrigerator with moderate cooling effect used to be considered sufficient, but now every modern facility seems to be not enough.

The variants of the doors are enough to confuse a person. Which one would be ideal- single door or double door refrigerator? Side by side door refrigerator or triple door refrigerator? Or maybe a bottom mounted refrigerator would just be fine? To decide what to buy and what not to, one should actually know the special functions of the different types of refrigerator. The single door refrigerators are in fashion due to their affordability but a double door refrigerator has a separate section for a freezer. Triple door refrigerators and Side by side door refrigerators are more used for luxury requirements. Triple door refrigerators have a separate compartment for vegetables and it initiates zero odors mixing and the later have an automatic water dispenser. After doing so one must just choose the brand of refrigerator that they want to buy.

Further to clear all the confusions, here is a list stating the best refrigerator brands in India, so that you do not invest your money in a wrong product and bring home a pile of scrap material and call the mechanic every other day. 

1. Godrej

Godrej has been one of the most trusted brands of refrigerators since ages. Most of the Indian families would confess that their first ever refrigerator was of this brand. Though it is the oldest brand, yet they have been updating and adapting to the changes that are needed in all modern facilities.

The range of Godrej refrigerators have all the innovative solutions like Suspenders in the freezer, Cool Shower Technology, Poly Bag Anti-B technology, hard glass shelves, all around cooling technology and most importantly 5-star energy rating. Further, the refrigerators have ZOP technology and are environment-friendly as well. This is a huge perk of the brand because they produce cent percent CFC free refrigerators. There are a lot of color options as well, so a person can choose any color and pattern that matches their interior.

Pocket pinch- the minimum price of any Godrej refrigerator starts from Rs. 11000 and the price increases with increase in the number of doors, size and other facilities. The maximum price of the refrigerator even reaches around Rs 50000.

2. Samsung

The appliance market has been captured for a long time. The range of colors and designs are something to be spoiled about. The company has all the types of refrigerators- from a single door to double door and, from French door to bottom mounted; one would get everything from this company.

The refrigerators are very smartly designed and can readily suit the smartly designed modern decor of any home. The modern chic homes would be enhanced with a Samsung fridge.

Any Samsung refrigerator would have a good warranty of ten years and if you are worried about a power cut then Samsung has all the solutions. Samsung can easily preserve and keep the food chilled up to twelve hours of power cut. Some of the refrigerators have a power cooling button and an all-around cooling technology.

Pocket pinch- the starting price of Samsung refrigerators is around Rs 11000 but if one intends to get hold of a refrigerator that fairly solves all the purposes, then the price range would be minimum Rs 18000. The highest prices refrigerator of Samsung costs around Rs 98000.

3. LG

The company LG has always been known for their innovations. Some of their refrigerators come with unbelievable features and mechanisms. Recently they have even invented a mechanism that would reveal what is inside the fridge only if someone knocks the refrigerator’s door twice. The designs and patterns of the refrigerators are very chic and apt for any modern home decor. The LG refrigerators can just add up to the beauty of the place where it has been kept.

They are especially known for their side by side refrigerators that has French doors and a different freshness technology. They compressor system that they install in their refrigerators are brilliantly efficient and they have a technology to reduce cold air loss up to 41.0 percent.

If you have been repeatedly disturbed by the noise that a refrigerator makes then LG refrigerators are the ultimate choice for you. They even use less energy and give a warranty of 10 years.

Pocket pinch- the starting price of an LG refrigerator is Rs 9000 and with ascending innovations the price also ascends. The maximum price can reach up to Rs 85000.

4. Haier

Haier is one such brand that is remembered for bringing in and introducing the first ever bottom-mounted refrigerator in India. Since then, the business matters only went uphill for the brand. Now they have established a lot of dealers for their brands and their customer service and their after sales services have been remarkable as well.

Now, there are more than 6500 outlets of Haier in India which is very skilfully backed up. The specialty of their bottom-mounted refrigerator lies on the fact that it has one-hour freezing technology along with separate cases made for fruits and vegetables. This helps to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer time.

Pocket pinch- talking about the pocket pinch. Haier refrigerators are priced at a price base to Rs 10000 minimum. And the highly innovated bottom mounted technology which ensures power conservation along with a good compressor system and a smart cooling technology is priced at Rs 34000 minimum.

5. Videocon

Like Godrej, Videocon is also among the oldest and affordable brands that have been trusted by people all over India. After all these years, they have established their brand so well that they have made some catches to the international market as well. One of the main reasons why they have been chosen by most of the consumers is that all their refrigerators appeared compact from the inside, but were unexpectedly spacey inside.

Not only were the designs good and the shape sleek but at the same time, the room inside the refrigerator is enough to hold a small kitchen in it. Since the time, the brand came into existence, they have been innovating their models and recently, the refrigerator with LED control panel outside is very useful to control temperature and regulate the same. Some of the models even have a separate cosmetic box to store all the essential stuff in the fridge to stop them from melting.

Pocket pinch- the initial price of the Videocon refrigerators starts from Rs 9000 and above. However, as the capacity of the refrigerators increases, the price also increases. The double door refrigerators’ price starts from Rs 18500 and with the advancement of technologies, the price increases maximum up to Rs 35000.

6. Whirlpool

Single door, double door or multiple doors – the brand Whirlpool has all the solution to your wants. With an addition of sixth sense technology, this brand has been taking the whole market by storm. The sixth sense technologies include 6th SENSE ActiveFresh Technology 6th Sense IntelliFresh Technology, 6th Sense Deep Freeze Technology, and many more.

Equipped with the latest freshness ability and a humungous storage capacity, Whirlpool refrigerators have always been customer’s foremost choice. There is Vitamagic technology is some refrigerators as well, which retains the vitamin quantity of food for as long as 9 days. The refrigerators are also environment friendly and use less power than the others.

Pocket pinch- with all the “never seen before technologies” the minimum price of the refrigerator start from Rs 10000 and the maximum price for the same is Rs 90000.

7. Panasonic

This brand was known for its refrigerators that has moisture retaining technology. This helps to keep all the vegetables and fruits fresh for a very long time. They also have a removable icebox and a blast freezer that can be regulated according to one’s needs. Further, the glass shelves can also be folded and removed, so it is easy to understand how flexible the refrigerator is.

Panasonic refrigerators are one of the best refrigerators in India that has introduced Japanese technology and a plethora of international designs with cool lock technology and 5 Star Ratings which means that they would consume less energy so that the electricity bill does not give you a heart attack.

Pocket pinch- the pocket pinch for any Panasonic refrigerator, even if it is a single door, would not be less than Rs 14000. Further, as the facilities increases and innovation makes its way to the features of the refrigerator, the price also increases. The maximum price of a refrigerator with a well-advanced technology would not cost less the Rs 80000.

So here is the list that might be of great help for all those who are willing to buy a refrigerator for the first time; or are planning to change their old refrigerator. So choose from the plethora of options and get home with the best refrigerators companies in India.

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