Best Helmets in India for Bikes 2018

If you are a two wheel rider, then it is really essential that you use a quality helmet. Wearing helmet while driving in the big cities of India can certainly reduce the chances of injuries in case you face any accidents. It’s not only a protective shield against the accidental injuries, it also provides cool dust free environment so that you can ride through the busy city with ease. With the road accidents increasing every day, it is imperative that you wear your helmet all the time while riding. So, to get the best protection you need to buy the best brand. There are few brands that have produced quality over the years and you can choose any of them. Even after choosing one of the best brands, it is really important to choose a good helmet too, and to do that you need to know the qualities that you must look for while buying a helmet:

  • The weight of the helmet should be light
  • The design has to be comfortable
  • It must be designed to have proper airflow, so that you stay cool while riding
  • Constructions must be hard and sturdy, so that in case of accidents, you do not have to go through a lot of injuries
  • Fitting must be perfect

If the helmet of your choice goes through these quality tests, you can certainly buy that helmet.

Here are few of the Best helmets in India that you can buy:

  1. Axor Designer Full Face Helmet (AXR-09)

Axor is the manufacture of this helmet. It’s an Italian company which exports helmets to India through Vega. These helmets are really comfortable to wear and have a stylish look as well. This helmet comes with an attractive tachometer print and neon graphic. There are various different choices of graphic design and colors that you can choose from.


  • The visor is made of polycarbonate with an extra coated layer of protection.
  • The ventilation system works as good as you can imagine
  • The visor can be activated with a quick release mechanism
  • The nose guard is removable
  • You can remove and wash the interior liners
  • The ABS shell is well constructed for accident situations
  • The specifications match DOT levels
  1. SMK MA200 Twister Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet with Clear Visor

This helmet is another stylish helmet with advanced features. Although there is no graphical design on the helmet to make it look attractive but the features are really exclusive and can beat any of the best helmets available in the market. And the overall design also makes it one of the Best helmets in India that you can buy.


  • Size variation available up to XL
  • The design is aerodynamic and is made of EIRT
  • The lines inside can be easily removed and washed. The fabric used inside keeps the liners, cool, breathable and dry while you ride your bike.
  • You can remove the nose guard completely
  • You can adjust all the vents available on the helmet. The chin vent, rear extractor, every single vent can be adjusted according to your comfort.
  • The visor is truly state of the art. It comes to rapid release technology, made of scratch resistant material from inside and outside and also gives you a nice wide vision while riding at speed.
  • To remove the visor, you do not need any extra tool
  • The helmet is Bluetooth compatible, so you do not have to put your phone inside the helmet, instead you can connect your Bluetooth and take your phone calls even when you are riding, although it is not really safe to talk over the phone while driving.
  1. LS2 Full Face Designer Helmet FF-352 Rookie White, Black Mat-Large – 58 Cms

This one is a full face helmet from the LS2. This is a well known brand that makes quality helmets in India. The LS2 is known for its huge choice of designs and color variations. This particular helmet comes in white and black color. And also has a “garage racer” graphics on it which makes it look really cool while you ride your amazing bike.


  • Weight only 1350 gms
  • This helmet is ISI approved
  • Brings in the thermoplastic technology for maximum protection and comfort
  • Comes with rear extractors which keeps the air intake fine
  • The visor is of good quality and comes with mirror finish
  • Maximum available size is L
  1. LS2 Full Face 352 Camo Matte Black-Red-XL

This helmet from LS2 is another example of their good quality helmets. The graphics with multiple colors look just awesome and the quality of this Black and Red helmet also matches high level requirements.


  • The outer material is made of ABS shell and the fabric used as inner material is really good.
  • Color: Red and Black
  • The safety features are removable and washable too.
  • The inner liner is really comfortable.
  • The foam used inside is perfectly sized and breathable as well.
  • You have the option to release the strip with just the push of one button.
  • Comes with proper neck roll, EPS and chin strap as well
  • The visor quality is really awesome.
  • Visor is scratch resistant and Anti-UV as well.
  1. Shiro SH-821 SpiritFull Face Helmet (Black Grey,XL)

Shiro is another well known Helmet manufacturer from China. The design is the best part of these helmets. It is said that if you wear these you might look like a Power Ranger. Apart from the style statement, this helmet is also packed with features that are really good for protecting your head while you are riding your bike.


  • Follows the Safety guidelines set by the DOT
  • The helmet is fantastic with 4 vents and aerodynamic design
  • The liners are removable and washable too.
  • The liners are completely anti-allergic and breathable too
  • The 3D visor comes with an anti – scratch facility and enough wide vision to help you ride smoothly.
  1. Steelbird Airbone Full Face Helmet with Plain Visor (Glossy White and Light Orange, L)

This helmet from SteelBird is an example of perfect combination of style and safety. This helmet is designed especially for those who love to ride their bike off road. This helmet might not be aerodynamic in design, but it does look good and does not put a hole in your pocket either.


  • The ABS used is of high quality to keep your head safe.
  • The overall quality is really good.
  • This helmet is comfortable enough to wear it on the long rides
  • Definitely affordable
  • The inner liners are Anti allergic and Anti Bacterial too.

So, these are some of the Best helmets in India that you can buy, before buying you need to know which helmet you can choose or depending on what feature you need to choose your helmet.

Guide to Buy

Purpose: Why do you need your helmet? This is the very first thing that you need to know. Depending on your purpose you will need to choose your helmet type first. Once you are done with that you can proceed to the next step.

Safety and Features

Check with the features that you need. Some has a high quality material, whereas some might come with a light weight. Depending on your choice of features you will need to choose your helmets. Also while choosing your helmet make sure to check with the safety features. The best thing will be to check with safety ratings from DOT, Snell and ECE.

Shape and Size:

Choose the helmet that suits you the best. It’s not only about the looks or the style, it is all about choosing a helmet that will provide you enough comfort and stability while you ride your bike.


If you love to wear branded items, it is obvious that helmets won’t be any exception for you. But while choosing a branded helmet do remember 1 or 2 things, first of all, branded helmets are going to be costly. Yes! They will be packed with features and you will get to flaunt your style, they will cost you around twice the price of normal helmets. So, even if you are going for a branded helmet, try to choose the one that will offer you safety and comfort within your affordability.


If you are looking to buy Best helmets in India it is really important that you check with the price at a later stage. This is because when it comes to helmets, it’s your safety, which is the most important aspect. Of course you do not want to spend more than what you can afford, but buying a quality helmet is more important. On that note, you might think twice to increase your budget a bit so that you ride safely.

So, that is all you need to know about buying the helmets in India. Just make sure you gather enough knowledge about the helmets, the safety features and the price ranges you wish to look out for and you should be able to get the helmet of your choice surely.

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