Best Helmet Brands in India

When we say or hear the word helmet, the foremost thought that comes to our mind is SAFETY. The shell-like cap with that protects your head from severe injuries that can even cause death. The level of traffic is increasing day by day. This is what causes tremendous traffic congestions on the road especially in the pick-up office hours. And it is due to this congestion that most of the people prefer two-wheelers as a mode of transport. A two-wheeler not only assures speed but at the same time have the capability to overtake even is little or marginal spaces.

We all know that a two-wheeler is steady only on the basis of our core and body balance. This is one of the main reasons why wearing a helmet is a must for all the two-wheeler drivers. This, it is also mandatory to know which helmet would give you the ultimate protection and would be the best for you. Any cheap helmet with no padding and made of plastic or poor quality of materials is not enough at all. One should remember that compromising with safety gears might lead to compromising their own life. This is one of the many reasons why many regions and states have made wearing helmet mandatory while riding a bike or motorcycle. People might think that a helmet is a burden on their head; little do they know that they are living in a ‘fool’s paradise’ because they are not aware of the fatalities that can occur during a crash. So, for all the people who think safety as their priority and for all those who have now understood the necessity of wearing a helmet, here are the best helmet brands in India.

  1. Vega

The dual view helmets produced by this company are one of its kinds. The helmets are known for giving ultimate comfort and safety. For the people who consider style to be important along with safety, the helmets of this company are the best choice. Vega helmets offer good ventilation and a quick release mechanism and are also certified by ISI and DOT, which just boosts up the confidence of the riders.

The company offers an extensive range of helmets including Full face helmets, Open face helmets, On-Road helmets.

Pocket pinch– Talking about the price of these helmets, we can say that the helmets cost much less compared to the perks that it offers. The starting range is from Rs 600 and as the facilities increase, the price also increases and yet the highest price does not burn a hole in your pocket.

  1. Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is one of the most honored and classy brands that is ruling the motorcycle helmet market all over the country. This is a brand which has reached its highest potential by creating unique helmets and accessories for bikes keeping in the mind the utmost importance of comfort to their riders.

The helmet goes by their open-face facility which allows the riders to comfortably breathe and have a conversation in case of emergencies. This has been their compelling style statement for years which made them soar to the top in the industry. As the name goes Royal Enfield abbreviated as R is emblemed on the frontal lobe of the helmet making it one of the best jazzy and uptown helmets in the industry.

  1. Fastrack

Fastrack is a Titan brand, which is an arch name in the Indian retail market. The brand is prominent and one of the top-notch manufacturers in India. Titan entered the helmet industry when it launched its first stock of Fastrack helmets at a fashion show. Their helmets offer unwaveringly compact design sporting curves which are bold and edgy on the sides.

They offer a wide variety of colors targeting it to both male and female customers of universal age group. This helmet is targeted by its customers for their extremely and funky and modern outlook with ensuring a proper safety makes it a hit among the masses.

Pocket pinch-They offer a wide variety of styles including open face helmets, sports helmets ranging from Rs 2000 and the prices increases as the demand of the buyers.

  1. Steelbird

Steel bird is basically a Delhi based company. They started off just before a few years but now they have a major market share of specific helmets that they manufacture and sell. In today’s metropolitan and fast life we can mainly see the youth of the nation riding bikes and are more attracted towards it. And this company has their idea clear of being the favorite among the youth.

The helmets mostly have graphic designs that catch the eye of any youth. Not only do they offer looks but a lot of variants and safety features as well. The range offers full face to open face helmets, flip up helmets so that the rider gets clear view of the roads whenever they want. The best part lies in the fact that the transparent front flaps are anti-fog visors and even scratch resistant; that’s not all because the shields also have anti-glare protection feature.

Pocket pinch– the price of the helmets is pretty economical though they provide so many perks together. The different ranges of helmets are priced at different prices however the average price of the helmets are Rs 800 and above. One can take home a very long-lasting and stylish helmet at a moderate price. So hurry up and ensure your safety.

  1. Wrangler

Wrangler is one of the most respected brands in the country. Being one of the oldest and most popular helmet and other car accessories producer, the company has a huge customer and fan base. They provide a number of variants when it comes to their helmet collection.

From the time when the company got established, they have been a maestro in making helmets of vibrant colors and different styles. These helmets are also ISI approved.

Pocket pinch– with a plethora of choices to choose from, the price range also differs from one range to the other. The minimum price of the helmets starts from Rs 700 and then accelerates which ones choice of style and safety.

  1. LS2

If you ever listen to any helmet related conversation between two helmet users, you are definitely going to hear about the brand LS2. The frequently spoken about the brand of India and one of the most purchased helmet brands of Indi is LS2.

When we talk about the specifications of the helmets, the first thing that is remarkable is the fully tinted front view panel or the visor. But tinted visor often creates vision difficult, but such is never the case with LS2. The bodies of the helmets are graphically decorated and the helmets have an extra strap to reduce noise. Another perk of the helmet brand is that all their helmets are removable, made up of non-toxic and non-allergic and washable.

Pocket Pinch– With all the extra facilities and assured protection, these helmets priced a bit higher than the usual ones. If you ever plan a total protection package then this brand would offer you the same at an average cost of Rs 5000.

  1. THH

The full form of THH is Tong Ho Sing and this is also of the highly rated and bought helmet brands in the Indian market. They are one of the toughest helmets available out there in the market with an outer shell made of carbon fiber which none of the other helmet brands can offer. Carbon fiber is highly sustainable and can strongly resist bad accidents. They have a very comfortable padding inside to ensure customers safety which is one of the highest priorities of the brand. Their products are produced according to international protocol and standards to ensure a consistent quality over time. The Helmets are also ISI approved and just fit for the Indian roads.

Pocket pinch-They are one of the best brands to ensure safety and quality of the customers and their prices ranges for a min of Rs 5000 to a max as per buyer’s choice over quality.

  1. Sunny

All of us demands that sophisticated look at a low price. So for the people who want pocket-friendly priced helmets to fulfill their necessities of protecting their head while they crash, the helmets of Sunny are their first choice. The helmets of the company are really noteworthy because they are made up of injected polycarbonate and the visors are of high-quality silicon hard coat. This hard coat makes the visor scratch resistant and also enables anti-fogging properties. The cushion on the inner side of the helmet and the extra padding offers extra safety and protection thus making it one of the first choices for the bike riders.

Pocket Pinch– the starting price is as low as just Rs 500 and the price increases with the level of safety facilities in the helmet. The cheap price makes it attractive; however, the color and the design options are not so good.

So grab any helmet from any of the above-stated brands you want and ensure your on-road safety.

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