5 Best Bosch Washing Machine Reviews in India

Washing machines are basic necessities of every household and almost every family all over the world prefers having a washing machine in their homes rather than washing clothes with their hands. As the technologies kept developing, people have been finding ways of being relieved from their muscle tensions. While talking about this important machine that is related to our daily lives, we can definitely refer to the top companies that produce washing machines. And, talking about the top-notch companies that produce washing machines, the name of the company that is bound to come in our mind is Bosch.

Bosch, from its very inception, has been proving their credibility to produce the best washing machines in the world. Adhering to the price, the color options and the after sales services, this brand has been attracting customers and consumers from all over the world. The tagline of the brand which says “innovation for life” is quite relatable because this German multinational company has been innovating over the years and bringing out products to make the life and living of the people easy. So if you all are still thinking about whether to buy a Bosch washing machine or not, here are the reviews of the top washing machines manufactured by the company so that you can easily decide upon which one to buy according to your pocket pinch.

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Top Bosch Washing Machine Reviews: Make a Choice

1. Bosch 7 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine Silver (WAK24168IN)

This product is not only compact but at the same time is very smart looking. Not only does the product fits into any modern decor but also gives a performance that never ceases to disappoint.


With a weight of seven kilograms and a capacity of some good liters, this washing machine is a must-have. The color specification of a beautiful silver color and an excellent warranty of two years, this product is suitable for almost every small family. The washing gives perfect results in case of washing and even has the soaking capacity which helps the clothes that rids the clothes of any adamant germ. The machine has a clean and efficient drain hose and a water inlet pipe. To make the customers easily educated about the usage, there is a well-equipped user manual.

Pocket pinch

The price of this machine with all its perks is just Rs 29,499. There are many online portals which offer no-cost EMIs. So now, anyone can take this washing machine home without any hassle.

2. Bosch 7Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WOE704W0IN, White)

One of the things that the buyers are most concerned about is the electricity consumption and the efficiency. This model of Bosch has a dual dispenser and a unique one-touch start system. Not only is the machine having a hot and cold wave water system but also has the capacity of washing smaller chunks of clothes.


The loft closing lid and the minimal sound that the model emits is something for which this machine is one of the most favorites among the users. Thus, even if the washing machine is turned on before going off to sleep, the washing would be completed without any hassle and disturbance and one would wake up to receive clean clothes inside the machine. There are specifications that clean the drum, regulate water temperature and even the amount of water needed for different washes. This regulation also reduces the amount of electricity that uses. The wave technology also leaves no residue of either detergents or bacteria in the clothes and leaves them smelling totally fresh and new. The capacity of this machine is seven kilograms and is compact to fit anywhere. The modern and sleek interior of the room or the place where the machine would be fitted would be enhanced and a new touch would be added.

Pocket Pinch

With all the attractive offers and regulatory systems and minimal consumption of water and electricity, the price is only Rs 17,899. The added perk of it is that it is noise free. So getting the machine at this price would be like hitting a jackpot. There are many online portals that offer EMIs which are no cost and even convenient.

3. Bosch 8 kg/5 kg Washer Dryer (WVG30460IN)

Fully automatic washing machines are a person’s dream come true. Just a button’s touch and everything is just going to happen on its own. This is not a free-standing top lid washing machine but a front loading door one. Not only the small families can have this washing machine to fulfill their requirements, the large families will also have their ultimate washing machine in no time.


The company offers as much as two year’s warranty for the machine and around ten year’s warranty for ten years. The Dutronic moisture sensor, the standard cold of 40 degree Celsius and drying option, as well as mixture programmes washing, are something to be admired, washing and eco-perfect technologies are something for which this washing machine is a favorite among the buyers. There is an LED display which enables the controlling and surveillance of the actions very easily. The LED display is both automatically and manually controllable so the washing experience would now be stress-free.

Pocket Pinch

With all the superstar facilities, this product of the Bosch Company is priced at Rs 51,000. The price is quite on the higher end because of the capacity and the size of the machines. There are a lot of EMI options available in many online portals and thus this product can be stated as a better option for large or joint families.

4. Bosch 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAK20166IN)

A washing machine is considered well equipped when there are at least three washing programmes. But in the case of this washing machine, it has much more to the model of the Bosch washing machine offers as many as ten washing programs to capture the buyer’s attention. Further, the price of the washing machines is quite reasonable according to the features and smartness that it has to offer.


The first thing that attracts the customers to the products of this company is the attractive and exclusive warranty of two years for the whole product but also ten year’s warranty on the motor. The after sales service provided by the company is very impressive. There is an additional 3D spa for the clothes so that when they are washed out finally, they are fresh as new. The active water system is also very beneficial and for retaining the fabric color of the clothes. It has a capacity is of six and a half kilograms and is front loading. Thus, it acquires pretty less space in the place where it is kept.

Pocket pinch

This is a medium sized washing machine which is priced at Rs 27,999. There are many combinations of EMI available in different online portals and thus anyone can instantly buy it.

5. Bosch 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAB16161IN)

If one is searching for a washing machine for two people or is himself a bachelor, then this model and the specifications are just apt for them. Bosch specializes in front-loading washing machines which are very pocket-friendly, and this is one such machine. The user-friendliness of the machine does not know any bounds, and thus relying on Bosch is something that people can do blindly.


With an adorable warranty of two years for the machine and ten years separately for the motor, this company has set up its modus operandi. For a higher spin speed, this machine has 740 RPM spinner that enables the optimum speed required for drying the clothes as well. The fully electronically controlled dial enables special programs such as aquatronic wash system. The 60 degree Celsius cotton programme is also doable easily on this machine and thus this machine with its easily fixable size is a must-have for anyone who is living alone or as a couple.

Pocket pinch

With all the capacities and the automatic mechanism fit for any sized room, this machine is priced at Rs 23, 499. There are a lot of EMI options available in the online portals and thus buying this machine would be pocket-friendly.

So here are all the required updates and reviews that are required before buying a Bosch washing machine. The above-stated models rank among the top of the charts. Keeping in consideration the features that the company offers at the stated price, the list has been made. And this list would be very helpful for the once who are planning to buy a washing machine for their limited room space and modern home. Burning a hole in the pocket for a necessary appliance is never an option and so, Bosch is here to offer all the necessities without burning a hole in the pocket. So why wait? Hurry and buy the top models of Bosch washing machines.

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