Best Bicycle Brands in India with Price Range

Bicycles have never failed to be an integral part of the Indian society right from the time they have Kingdoms. Not only has it been used as a transportation device but at the same time has been a part of a fitness regime of the people as well. This small two-wheeler which is pedal and chain driven vehicle has been one of the most successful and greatest inventions of mankind. From time immemorial bicycle has been used by people and purposes of the different professions. Paramedics, mail transfer, messenger, and police- from time on, all these purposes have been served by this puny transport which has been upgraded and updated over the years.

Gone are the days when heavy parts and huge wheels with uncomfortable wooden paddles were used. In this generation, we have around ten to fifteen different types of bicycles which have a plethora of uses and in different ways. in And what kind of bicycles can you buy for them and yet won’t be burning a hole in your pocket?

Further being in a dilemma is always right because you should always be aware of what you are buying. This list is the ideal one to help you to get determined about buying a bicycle over a bike. This list would further inform you about all the features, price and other details needed for the best bicycle brands in India.

1. Hero

Hero is by far the oldest and the most reliable brand of bicycles. With headquarters Ludhiana, Punjab, the company holds around forty percent of the whole market share. India is known to be the second biggest producer of bicycles in the world and Hero cycles are highly exported bicycles.

The company has various distribution centers and the product range is huge, covering almost all the necessities of all age groups. The range includes bikes of City bikes, Kids zone bikes, Roadsters, Mountain bikes, and Girlz Zone bike range. Despite being the topmost company in India, Hero bikes are always affordable.

Price range: Hero cycle has priced their cycles that range between Rs. 3000 to Rs 6000 only. Not only are the normal bikes and bicycles of the company are of a low price but also the sports and the adventure and mountaineering range of bicycles as well. Is someone wants an Indian company’s bicycle that would serve their purpose in all ways, then the bikes of Hero are always the ideal choice.

2. Hercules

This brand is not Indian. Started off in the year 1910, it is a British manufacturing brand which was the first producer of TI Cycles. They are the ones to introduce Rockshox, the shock absorber which one the first and one of its kind in Indi. It was in the year 1993that they did so. Later they were also the one who held records for launching Turbo drive and Top gear in India. And it is not difficult at all to know that they are the introducer of gear cycles in India too.

The categories of the bicycles that they produce are as follows: Roadeo, Jr. Roadsters, Roadsters, Ryders, CMX and Turbo drive MTB. Hercules further has currently more than ninety models of Cycles in India at present. Isn’t that wow! There are a number of models which are separately suitable for the men and women. They even produce certain bicycles which are suitable for both at the same time.

Price range- the range of the bicycles starts from Rs. 4000. This is the minimum rate and there are a number of hi-end and high-tech bikes as well which are priced at a much higher price.

3. BSA

Established in the year 1949, this is an Indian Brand or bicycles. Their specially designed bicycles are especially preferred fitness and personal recreation purposes. Further, the cycles of this company are also the ultimate travel solutions for many. When we talk about India, the rural areas are the highest buyers of bicycles. But however, the urban areas and the metropolitans are also not left far behind. Murugappa Group of India set up this bicycle brand in collaboration with Tube Investments which is a company of The United Kingdoms. Murugappa Group is one of the leading business conglomerates in India. And the TI Cycles is a part of the Murugappa Group.

The most famous models of the BSA company includes the models of BSA Champ, BSA Ladybird which was specially designed for the teenage girls, Roadster, SLR and even BSA Ryders. Price range- Talking about the Price range of BSA, it can be easily said that BSA is very pocket-friendly. The base price of the cycle starts from Rs. 4000 and the highest price is within Rs.7000 only. For example, while BSA Ladybird Shine Bicycle, 26-inch, which is a ladies bicycle costs Rs 4099 only, while the highest priced bicycle which is BSA Ladybird Dazz Bicycle which is again a ladies bicycle costs Rs 6499 only.

4. Atlas

Atlas is one such company that has been on the market for the past six decades. They have actually seen the revolution of cycles. Apart from India, Atlas is such a bicycle brand which can be easily listed among one of the highest producers of bicycles in the whole world. They have even claimed in the past few days that they have the maximum capacity of producing bicycles in a year. Their recent highest number has crossed all records to be a many as 4 million bicycles.

The company Atlas has been satisfying their customers from the time they have been in the market. Now they hold millions of customers who are happy using their bicycles, especially in India. The British standard Institution has also credited the company with ISO-9001-2008. And surprisingly Atlas is the company to introduce the concept of Power breaks in front of the whole world. Further Atlas is the first company to produce and introduce Twin suspension double shocker bike in India. The company has received FICCI Award for the Best Industrial Relation, EEPC Awards for export excellence and even Italy’s Gold Mercury International Award as well.

Their products can be used by everyone. Be it the ladies, gents or the little one, everyone would find a bicycle suitable for themselves. The range covers Fancy bikes, roadsters, Hi-tech bikes as well.

Price range: The initial price differs from one bike to the other. The lowest price of the normal cycles is Rs 2000 for and Rs 8000 for the high-tech bikes. However the all-in-all the highest price is above Rs 11000.

5. Firefox

Firefox has always been known for the quality of bicycles that they have manufactured over the years. The bikes or bicycles produced by Firefox are not of Indian origin. They have always introduced imported bikes and bicycles to India. In the year 2005, Firefox established their high demand in the Indian market. The initial number of bikes that Firefox brought to India was only 30. And this act of the company brought forth a huge dynamism in Indian bicycle market.

The ranges of products introduced by them were Tern Bikes, Trek Bikes, Hardtail Bikes, Full Suspension Bikes, Hybrid Bikes Road Bikes, BMX Bikes and Cruiser Bikes. This new introduction made all the people of India take up cycling as an adventure sport. People started visiting and conquering mountain terrains with the bicycles of this company and made new world records for the same.

The company at present has more the 100 franchised outlets which are chosen with great care and scrutiny. Their bikes are always made as per the much higher international quality standards & specifications.

Further, they are even the leading producer of the cycle for kids of different age group. There is a range of cycles for kids of age three to age five, there is another range of cycles ranging between ages five to age seven and there is yet another range of bicycles for kids of age seven till age nine and for age nine to age twelve.

Price range: the price range of the Firefox bikes or bicycles are quite high as compared to the bikes of the other companies that are present in the Indian Market. The initial price starts at Rs 9000 and above and the maximum price is Rs 197880 only. So, one need to actually think of their pocket pinch before they decide to buy these imported bikes and enjoy some hi-tech adventures in the mountains or in the rugged plains that are situated in india.

Here are all the pointers that one should know about the top bicycle companies present in the Indian market and their price range and product ranges. There are other companies as wee, but these are the best. So now you can quickly analyze what kind of bicycle you want and in what price range and then make a budget. Why resort to bikes and be unfit when you can stay fit and taste adventure in the two-wheelers called bicycles in India!

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