7 best badminton rackets under 3000

There has been a lot of development in the sports sector over the years. And among all the sports that have been attracting people’s attention is the exciting name of Badminton. It is not very recent that the sports came into attention. This sport is further the reason why the fitness awareness has increased amongst people. The life that we lead today is fast-paced and fitness is a major concern because it is impossible for people to hit the gym daily. But however, a game or two of badminton would always be great. Not only does it involve less time, but less monetary expenses as well.

Talking about other sports like football and cricket, we can clearly understand that they have a wide reach to the sports enthusiasts. They have proved their fame to the fans over an extensive period of time. Though there is famous sports badminton has proved its position over the years growing through its other high powered competitors. A sport filled with high powered adrenaline and agility is in the recent has reached the Olympics and is now the fit mantra of the youth. So, one should move their eyes to the top badminton rackets which will elevate someone’s game to the finest.

7 best badminton rackets under 3000 in India to Consider

1. Yonex Muscle Power 22

Over the growing years, Yonex has proved itself as being one of the best in the market. Preferred by both professionals and fan this brand aims at producing good rackets at an affordable price. Among all its best ones the Yonex Muscle Power 22. The racket is manufactured of an excellent quality material, is efficient as well as affordable to the professionals as well as the young players who are just starting out in the sport. The racket sports an isometric shape and a frame made of graphite to absorb the shocks during its lifetime. Excellent for perfect smash this is the perfect weapon for all kinds of players out there. The Japanese brand has always maintained its fame and quality with its excellent rackets overages and is the best choice for badminton enthusiasts who want the beast in their budget.

2. YonexVoltric 0.7 DG Badminton Racket

Another stunner from the brand, the YonexVoltric 0.7 DG racket is a truly a budget smasher. Favorite of the best professionals as well as the young players this racket proves its worth in the sport giving an upper hand to the players with its enhanced architecture. The racket is provided with a Try Voltage System which gives the players to exert maximum power without a loss in their speed. This racket is the newest addition to the family of Voltrics and sports a frame of high modulus Graphite material which increases the power and strength of racket managing it withstands a higher string tension of 35 lbs. The racket sporting such enhanced and high-grade materials provide better surfing and an excellent smashing capability on the court. So grab the beast and shine in the play.

3. Li-Ning Super Series SS-68 III

A competitor to the brand Yonex this brand has proved its presence felt in the badminton zone with its excellent range of rackets in a budget cost. The brand has grown its fame from the roots and made it to the top among the other bestselling brands. They have become the pocket-friendly and the fastest retailing brand around the world. The SS-68 III is the newest addition in the Super Series family. The racket is manufactured of a frame made up of medium-light carbon fiber and also has a flexible shaft. It has a weight of 95 grams which makes it perfect for handling. The racket can serve the purpose excellently in the court for professionals as well as upcoming players with its enhanced ergonomics and quality. So, one should grab this one as this is one of the best in the pocket-friendly range.

4. Victor Bravesword 1600N

This brand has earned its fame in the badminton industry in a slow but steady pace. Though the brand is a bit behind the toppers like Yonex and Li-Ning they have proved their position in the industry. The 1600N racket is the newest addition to the Bravesword Series of the brand. Sporting a shaft of Graphite and Resin, it has a wide surface area which provides the right amount space for perfect shots and distributes a force of equal amount over the frame. Produced with an advanced technology the racket decreases the resistance over the air for a perfect stability and balance. The racket is the best buy in a fordable price range for the young as well as intermediate players. So, one can with buy this racket with no tension and doubt for putting their best in a game.

5. Li-Ning G-Force Pro-2500

This is another outstanding racket from the bestselling brand of Li-Ning. Famed for its world-class and superior products this brand is among the favorites of professionals all over the world. The G-force series has been a bestseller since it was revealed to the players for its advanced ergonomic structure and perfect agility with carbon fiber. The racket sports a high quality of an intricate calculative system with low air resistance and high intensity which increases the performance of the players. The racket is manufactured of a high-quality strong material which provides a superb rigidity to withstand extensive tension for strong and excellent shots. Its super-planned way of design improves its overall structure for an enhanced attack and defense mechanism. The sweet point ascends to an upper level and the hitting point is placed upward to provide a more enhanced playing mechanics for the players. So, one should grab out this one to explore the best in them.

6. Li-Ning US 978 Ultra Strong Badminton Racket

This is another bestseller form the world-class brand of Li-Ning. Sporting an enhanced isometric shape the racket is extremely efficient and productive for a high-level game.

The racket sports a modern MPCF technology in which the product is made more resistant and tougher with extensive multiple layers of carbon fiber material. The Ultra carbon series is made by an enhanced and advanced process to provide an extreme rigidity and withstand an extensive level of tension for productive and powerful shots. Built with hyper-strong carbon fibers make the racket extremely hard to bear an extensive string pounds and reduce the chances of frame deformation. It also has a perfect weight of 80 to 84 gms which makes it’s the best choice for all kind of players and especially for aggressive players. Li-Ning has proved their worth in the industry of badminton by their excellent and infinite range of badminton rackets. So one should grab the racket form this famed band with their eyes closed as a perfect choice.

7. Yonex Voltric 2 DG

Experience the fullest out of a game with another stunning racket by Yonex. The YonexVoltric 2 DG is a most recent launch from the brand. Developed with an enhanced Try Voltage system this racket is an excellent buddy to take into a game of badminton. The racket will provide a player with an upper hand by giving an opportunity to produce excellent shots with powerful forehand shots and the player can dominate the opponent with rapid and effective quick drive shots. Moving on, the system of Try Voltage provide with other two benefits. Being a head heavy racket it enables a very high momentum for an excellent swing of the racket. And as one leads to other so with increased momentum comes a better power to direct the shots towards the opponent. The racket is comprised by an advanced method taking in factors the Aerodynamics and harsh edges which are cut off by the sideways profile of the racket enabling it to produce a sward like movement in the air. The brand Yonex has been dominating its position on the top of the leaderboard for years with its exquisite level of world-class badminton rackets. They have an endless series of rackets for the players of different styles and genres. So, one should make a move on the racket to grow the pro in them.

So here is the list of seven best badminton rackets that would not burn a huge hole in anyone’s pocket. Be it for fitness or for the passion for the sports itself, it would be very difficult to let go of these rackets easily. The cuts angles and the alignment of the construction are out of the world and it would be really difficult to let go of these sports masterpieces that would get the best out of you in any game and in any situation. So all the fitness-freaks and any sports enthusiast would be happy to know that maintaining the perfect body shape would not be difficult any longer. So get the best out of the limited budget in no time- smash the shuttle, cheer for yourself and stay fit with these rackets.

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