Best 5.1 speakers in India

The sound is of great essence in the modern era of super quality pixels and ultra-high definition. A crystal clear sound brings life to a movie. This is how speakers came into existence. In this busy world, people need an excellent quality entertainment to prevent them to turn into a robot. In order to experience one’s favorite movie with their buddies, one needs to choose a quality 5.1 home theatre setup. One may be not aware of the pleasures of having an excellent 5.1 setup in their home. A 5.1 audio setup comprises an enhanced six-channel sound audio system for Dolby audio. It is compiled of two front speakers, two side/back speakers, and the main sub-woofer unit. Often a question circulates around that is it worth to spend an amount of 20k for a 5.1 sound system. The answer lies in the experience and taste of a consumer. One can expect a theatre like an experience with these sound beasts avoiding the hassles of traffic on a lazy holiday. A home theatre system comes with all the facilities for a consumer to watch and listen to video and songs without always turning to their smart TV for a movie or song. The Home theatre is the smart solution to avoid the cost of cinemas and still have the same essence. They have the support of DVD’s, pen drives and other external devices. These smart machines make one experience the real essence of the sound with extreme clarity and soundscape. So one should take a look at the top seven 5.1 speakers for an uninterrupted and quality Sunday evening with friends and family.

1. Samsung HT-J5100K/XL

This Samsung beast made its name to fame capturing the hearts of immense consumers with its excellent and high-quality sound output. This is designed to deliver a deep and rich bass to the listeners. The enhanced technology equipped with the machine radiate throughout the beast to ensure reproduction of low and proper notes. The machine’s powerful interior will make someone experience as excellent and classy as the cinemas. One can also tweak the equalizer setting for adjusting the sound according to the mood and location. Sporting a power output of 1000W this beast is compiled with FM radio and remote control for comfortable user experience. The machine also boasts features like Karaoke scoring, USB Recording, quick start mode, CD Ripping and many more to go on. This product is above par excellence with only a disadvantage that it lacks the connectivity via Bluetooth. So one should close their eyes and grab the product if they want a rich and classy sound experience under a 20k price range.

2. Sony HT-RT3 Home Theater

The HT-RT3 is another stunner from the famed brand Sony. This one has also grabbed the minds and hearts of many through its excellent and amazing quality of sound experience. Unlike the previous contender, this sports a Bluetooth connectivity enabling the users to stream music directly through their smartphone and other Bluetooth devices. The speaker is architecture in a very interesting and unique manner. There are two separate speakers and an elegant and classy sound bar compiled in a setup of three speakers and the main subwoofer completes the 5.1 channel audio of the machine. The subwoofer has a multi-functional remote for the user advantage. Out and out the subwoofer provides a premium and immersive sound experience with a rich bass and enhanced treble. Sporting an output of 600 W one can an experience a thrilling and immersive soundscape every movie on a lousy holiday deserves. So one should grab a beer and get lost in the exquisite world of their favorite movie or series on Netflix.

3. Philips SPA8000B Home Theater

If one wants a monster performer in a budget range this is the best one out there in the market under the sub 10k price segment. This system has scored a high rank in the hearts and minds of consumers and continues to grow its fan base. With a high and enhanced mechanism, the 5.1 speaker is cable of producing a rich and excellent quality for a premium experience to the consumers. Sporting a sound output of 120 W this excellent budget grabber has created a storm in the demand rate by placing itself among the top 11 best home theater system in India. The subwoofer comes with a wired connectivity interface and also Bluetooth to suit the connectivity styles of traverse users according to their needs. It also sports a remote control for a more subtle user experience. So no matter what are the devices this system can handle them all in an easy peasy way. Out and out this is the best product in the market in the budget price range so one should grab one for their homemade movie setup before they go out of stock.

4. Samsung HT-E350K 5.1 Home Theater

This is another contender in the budget market range of under 7k which can compete with the best ones available in the market. The Samsung Ht-E350K is a premium beast in a pocket-friendly cost. The system comes with the advanced and enhanced mechanics to ensure a smart user experience. With a razor sharp and perfect architecture and finish, this is a real beauty when kept in one’s home. The style of the speakers is quite intelligent and unique with four small speakers and a smart and sleek sound bar with the main subwoofer. There is also a control dock which completely connects and sync the whole system managing them for a rich and exquisite experience. The stylish and extremely amazing satellite speakers enhance the sound experience by creating a perfect blend of the bass and treble reverberating throughout the room to provide an excellent surround sound experience to the user. So overall this is the perfect speaker for the music lovers and Netflix lovers to binge watch all their favorites at a go.

5. Creative Inspire T-6300 5.1 Multimedia Speaker System

This is another market grabber in the price segment of under 7k which captured the hearts of many in a sway. This 5.1 multimedia audio system is created very intricately and with an enhanced mechanism to create an immersive sound experience. This system sports Creative’s DSE (Dual Slot Enclosure), a truly functional and advanced port tube mechanism within a tight enclosure. This setup creates a high circulation of frequency around the whole system providing a promising and rich playback with more midbass. The Creative IFP (Image Focusing Plate) improve the sound sync resulting in an excellent tonal accuracy. The audio system is architectured in a perfect way with excellent quality independent capsule speakers for an enriching surround sound. There is also an independent wired remote for the power and volume control. Also, the classy black finish of the audio system gives it an elegant and sleek touch of style. Out and out this is the best one in the market in this limited pocket range and is an excellent value for money.

6. Philips Heartbeat SPA-3800B

This excellent one from Philips is as rhythmic as a heartbeat and will deliver their rich audio to one’s heart. This one is the best grab in the market range of under 5k as it provides the user with an incredible and amazing audio experience. The subwoofer system is uniquely and intricately architectured with five mini-sized speakers and the main subwoofer to deliver the richness of music to the sweet spot of one’s ear. This wired audio system is not just an ordinary audio output but a device which deliver the users with the true and real essence of music. So one stream music, videos or podcasts this system handles it in a perfect way due to its advanced and integrated 5.1 channel audio interface. It also sports a remote to control the system with ease. If one is looking for a master blaster in a pocket-friendly range this is the perfect option to go with without any second thoughts.

7. F&D F1500U 5.1 Speaker System Black

The F&D is a very prominent brand in the budget range of home theatres and has its own fan base. They produce excellent quality of audio output systems and has never failed to disappoint. The F&D F1500U is an excellent contender in the low budget range of under 5k. The speaker system sports an interesting and ergonomic design and technology. The speaker has a 2.5 inches full range driver for the satellites and a 4-inch bass driver for plugging and playing the USB card reader. Supporting different audio codecs or formats the system provides a good quality surround sound experience to the users. It also is provided with a remote for the user comfort. This audio system has a beautiful and classy black finish which makes it really attractive to one’s eye. Out and out this budget system performs excellently and is the best one to go for in the budget range of under 5k without any further research.

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