7 Best Keyboards for beginners in India

There are a number of people in India who find music extremely peaceful, and would love to play an instrument if given a chance. In India as of now, keyboard has started gaining extreme popularity. A lot of people now want to learn how to play this beautiful and mesmerizing instrument. But first people need to understand how to select the perfect and best keyboard for beginners in India.

There are a number of things that a starter needs to look at while selecting their keyboard. The first and the foremost is that he should look at the number of keys in a piano, as they play a major role. For great portability, it’s okay to have a piano which has less keys.

Then, you also need to see what the price of the piano is and if it fits into your budget. A cheap piano would come within 5000 rupees, and it would be more than enough for starters. Of course, the higher the price, the more features get added, and that would depend on you totally.

If you want to play your piano outdoor where there is no electricity then you can purchase a piano which will be running on batteries.  There are many famous companies which make piano just like Yamaha and Casio. But, as a fully beginner, you can purchase a piano which fits in your budget rather than choosing a company. And lastly, customer support as well as warranty is important when you purchase any item, and the same goes for this as well. So now that we have mentioned the things that need to be present in your keyboard, let’s look at the best ones to purchase for beginners.

Best Keyboards for beginners in India to Consider

1. Casio CTK-7300INK2 61 Piano Style Keys Keyboard

Casio is one company which is pretty popular for its musical instrument and specially the keyboard. If you go to any music shop, there would obviously be a Casio keyboard there no matter what. And the Casio CTK-7300INK2 61 Piano Style Keys Keyboard is an exceptional keyboard which has a touch response of 2 sensitivity levels.

As the name suggests, it has 61 piano type keys and a sound source called AHL. Going slightly technical into this beautiful instrument, it has 820 built-in tones including 50 drawbar organ tones. The price of this is even cheaper than Yamaha, and you get all these features and specifications in just about 17,000. Great, isn’t it?

2. Yamaha PSRI455 Digital Keyboard

Yamaha PSRI455 is one of the very best keyboard which has pretty amazing features. It is actually a 61-key organ-style keyboard with touch response and pitch-bend. These features are usually pretty hard to find in basic keyboards, but Yamaha has come up with it in its digital keyboard, making it one of the most popular keyboards in India for starters.

Talking about the control knobs, it has 2 x control knobs, and also 16 patterns with five different sections. If you have ever heard the sound of a Table or a Tanpura, and you want to incorporate that in your music, then this keyboard easily allows you to do that. It helps you recreate the sound of these Indian instruments.

Some of the great specifications that this has is that it has over 753 voices, as well as about 206 style built-in it. Not only this, but it also features a number of enhancements to core functions. It has its own 10 songs, and even 26 Indian styles which come included in it when you purchase it. The knob type controllers are present, so you can easily control the volume of this instrument manually. It even has a Usb to Device terminal for great connection. And the price is very reasonable. You could get this great piano in less than 20,000 in India.

3. Casio CTK-860INK2 61 Piano style Keys Indian Keyboard

The Casio Keyboard has a 61 Piano-style key, with a touch Response of 2 sensitivity levels. Some things that you need to know about this exceptional keyboard is that it has a maximum polyphony of 48, and there are about 600 built in tones in it, including 15 Indian tones!

Talking about the rhythms as well as the patterns, it has 190 built-in rhythms (Including 21 Indian rhythms. This fabulous piano is extremely good looking, and has a great size too. It already has 152 songs in its built in storage.

Some technical details that beginners must know before purchasing a Casio keyboard is that it has auto Accompaniment: Modes- CASIO Chord, Fingered 1, Fingered 2 (6th off), Fingered 3 (on bass), Full Range Chord, Controllers: Start/Stop, Intro, Normal/Fill-in, Variation/Fill-in, Synchro/Ending. We know this is pretty technical, but once you start understanding the technicalities, only then can you know what to purchase, so consider this as important information. And the price range for this is a mere 10,000 rupees.

4. Yamaha PSR-E253 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Yamaha is also a great company and has pretty good keyboards for beginners. The new Yamaha PSR-E253 61-Key Portable Keyboard is a one of its kind keyboard which has over 385 high-quality Voices, including pianos, orchestral instruments, guitars, drums.

For helping beginners to learn to play songs, this has a nine-step lesson function, known as the Yamaha Education Suite. About the built of this keyboard, it has a compact, pretty looking portable body. For great sound, you can connect an external audio source to the AUX IN jack to enjoy playing along with your favorite songs, isn’t that a great feature which this piano has.

Lastly, you can use the master EQ to adjust the sound according to what you like. And all this at a price of 7,800 only.

5. Yamaha PSR-E353, 61 Keys Portable Keyboard with Adaptor

As mentioned earlier, Yamaha is a great company which manufactures amazing instruments. About this particular piano, this is a touch sensitive keyboard for expressive control. And not just that, it even has about 573 high quality voices. Now what more would you want in a beginner’s keyboard.

A few things which distinguishes it from others is that it has 158 accompaniment styles real time backing tracks for a wide range of music types. Why is it recommended for beginners is because it has nine step lesson function which help them learn how to play. Another additional feature that it contains is the aux input with Melody Suppressor feature for instant backing tracks.

Just in case you feel like adjusting the sound according to your personal taste, it also has a master EQ. Also, there are iPad/iPhone connectivity options so that you can expand your piano with applications as well as software.

And all of this, you get in only 10,000. The price is more than reasonable and you get a good amount of features in this range.

6. Casio SA-46 32 Mini Keys Musical Keyboard

This is a pretty small keyboard with 32 mini-size keys. The specialty about this is that it has 100 tones, as well as 10 song bank tunes. Some of the pianos do not have inbuilt rhythm, but this one has over 50 of them.

This great keyboard comes in a compact size, and is really great to look at. Not only does it look great but is extremely light and portable. It also has a 8 note polyphony, which is a great feature for a keyboard of this low a range. You would be easily able to find this in a price range of only 2275! Trust us, that’s the cheapest one you would get for beginners.

7. Casio CTK-2400k2 61 Keys Standard Keyboard

Now that we’re talking about the best keyboards for beginners in India, another good one that has made it to the list is the Casio CTK-2400k2 61 Keys Standard Keyboard. There is a great scheme attached to it also, if purchased from Cloudtail India, you will get to claim your free adaptor. You just need to follow some steps which are –  Add both the keyboard and Casio LAD-6 adaptor  to your cart and proceed to checkout and after doing that, the price for adaptor would automatically reduce to zero before payment.

As you know, the keyboard has 61 piano style keys, with the sound source being AHL. Also, the maximum Polyphony is 48 and believe it or not but there are 400 built in tones in this. If you want to know about the digital effects, then there are 10 types of reverbs, which is a great feature in this keyboard and is hard to find in others of this price range.

This great compact keyboard turns every piece of music into a true sound experience. It also has an improved sampling function, and with the use of the built in microphones, its pretty easy to record some samples, and then integrate them into the rhythm. Also, Additional features, such as the 150 rhythms or the step-up learning system, ensure a lively introduction to the world of music and make each performance an exciting acoustic experience.

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