7 Best 2.1 Speakers in India

Music is one thing which everyone is really fond of. Whether you are travelling, or whether you’re just working on your computer, most of you prefer to have your earphones on so that you could listen to some good music. But obviously all of us know that the speakers in our phones are not really great, and to enjoy good music, you need good speakers too.

All the Speakers that we are going to list below are tested by India’s top Tech Reviewers, so you totally need not worry about quality. All the Speakers support all the connectivity options like Bluetooth, AUX, FM and some of the given speakers also support NFC. We have given a slight preference to the Bluetooth speakers since they provide you the flexibility to sit just anywhere and everywhere and connect to your speaker system, which is a great feature.

A 2.1 speaker is a must for all the music lovers, if you want to really enjoy it. Studies have shown that listening to music while working increases our productivity as well as efficiency. So if you go to the market, you would be able to see that there are a variety of 2.1 speakers which are available and which create confusion for the buyers. And thus, after some good research, , we have listed down some of the Best 2.1 speakers available in the Indian Market, that not only have a powerful sound, good base effect, but is also pretty durable and would fit exactly in your budget.

Best 2.1 Speakers in India to Consider

1. The F&D A110

This is an amazing, and a wonderful speaker, and so it ranks number one in our list. Trust us, even though it may be a tad bit smaller in size than the rest of its competitors, but it can surely deliver sound up to 3000 PMPO.

The designers of this have got this designed so that it is able to consume less power but still manages to give the maximum output. It also has an inbuilt AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator), so any power fluctuations and damage to your speaker would be taken care of. And, it just weighs 3 kgs, and you can easily take this with you while travelling. This must look like a small factor but if you are one of the travelling varieties, then this would come pretty handy.

Other great features that this speaker has is that it has a 4 inch bass driver for subwoofer, so there is no compromise on the sound quality. Plus a 4 inch full range driver for satellites speaker, as well as a Led Power Indicator. And the best part is that it is pretty easy to connect with any device such as MP3 player, mobile or for that matter a laptop. And all this you get for a price of around Rs. 2000/-

2. Logitech Z313 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

Logitech is one great company which always has premium products for their customers. There is a slight drawback in this, that it may exceed you budget, as its price is little more than others but the quality of this is fabulous. Trust us, it is worth spending money on this.

Let’s talk about the specification. This has a cool convenient control pod for easy usage, and you can sit in the comfort of your sofa and operate it from there. It’s pretty light in weight, and weighs just 2.8 kgs. Not only that, it has a compact subwoofer as well as headphone jacks as additional features. There is a lack of wireless remote in this, and we wouldn’t rate it as the best designed speaker, but it is still pretty great. The price of this is around Rs 2200.

3. Creative SBS 2.1 A-102

The Creative SBS Speaker makes it to the list of Best 2.1 Speakers in India giving a tough competition to all the other great speakers in this segment. This amazing speaker has a subwoofer of power 4w rms while the output of each speaker is 2.5w. And that’s not the best part, so you can guess how great its features must be. It has a wired Remote Control System, so you can easily adjust the volume from a distance. Also, the signal to Noise Ratio of this speaker system is 75db so the voice quality remains great, and you wouldn’t hear noise or cracks while listening to music. It’s pretty light like the others, weighing about 2.5 kgs.

The key features are that it has a pretty powerful subwoofer, as well as a great quality audio in a compact size. Not only that, it has a frequency response of 50-20,000 Hz, and you would find this in the range of Rs 2000 in the market.

4. Fenda F&D F550x

This is a pretty known name amongst people who love to purchase good speakers for their systems. It’s a great product with the perfect design, style and elegance, plus a good bass. The connectivity options are great as it has the aux, Bluetooth, NFC, USB as well as the MicroSD card, so that is pretty sorted.

Apart from that, the sound quality is crystal clear, and is a great option for a home theatre system. Plus it has great LED lights too which look magnificent in low light. The woofer has a size of 6.5 inch and the frequency range lies between 130Hz-20 kHz. It’s slightly on the heavier side and weighs about 4.7 kgs. And it also has a remote control included with it. The price of these great speakers is somewhere around 4000 rupees, and it may look slightly expensive, but it’s totally worth it.

5. Philips MMS-4545B

Philips is one of the popular companies, which has quality products. This speaker system produces rich and profound bass plus the vocals and treble are of suitable composition, which may be further adjusted as per individual requirements.

Talking about connectivity options, it has Bluetooth, AUX, MicroSD, FM & USB Support. The woofer size is about 5 inches and gives a total output of 40W. Philips is a bigger brand that’s why it cost a little bit higher than others of the same range, and is priced at around Rs 5000. But it does have its brand value attached to it, so you need not think a lot before purchasing these powerful speakers as Philips says it all.

6. Zebronics SW 2490

This is a speaker which is slightly different from the rest of the speakers in terms of the design. It has a very sporty and futuristic look to it. The best part about Zebronics is that the sound quality is crystal clear with an additional high bass effect. It also has a built in FM Radio Support which is not found in other speakers in the list. So you could easily tune in to the Fm and listen to all that you desire.

Talking about the exteriors, the high glossy side panels give it an urban-cool and you could use it anywhere that you go. This also has a remote control so that it becomes easy for a person to wirelessly control the speakers from afar too. It supports the SD card to play any sound track, with an LED display. Lastly, it weighs around 3.6 kilograms, which is not too heavy.

7. The Philips MMS- 2550F/94 Multimedia speaker

The Philips MMS- 2550F/94 Multimedia speaker has been designed purely for its style as well as its sound, as it is able to deliver the sound of 2500W PMPO Output. The main highlight of this speaker is that you are easily able to connect your USB Pen drive as well as your SD card in case you want to play music.

Some slight drawbacks are that it is only able to supports Pen Drives up to 8Gb Storage Space as well as those which have only mp3 files to be able to play with these speakers. But the great thing is that these speakers make you experience a good thumping bass effect which can provide a great home theatre like experience.

Lastly, some of the key features remain that there is a low signal to noise ratio, remote control, a USB flash drive support as well as an inbuilt FM. And all this in just around 3000 INR.

Thus, we have jotted down a list of some of the best 2.1 speakers which can be found in India and have listed down the major features as well as the specifications of all of them so that they can be compared easily. That’s the list which provides you basically all the connectivity options, offer superb bass as well as amazing sound. The prices may differ according to the brand name, but all of them are exceptionally good.

These would be easily able to fulfill your requirements without making a hole in your pocket. They do have their own pros and cons, so just do a quick comparative analysis before you purchase any of them.

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